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E crookedletter Z



" art student turned rapper "

EsZ is an acclaimed Hip Hop Artist. He began seeing professional success mid/late 2010's, with the release of his first critically acclaimed work Songs in My SketchPad. He has overcome countless obstacles on the way up, and continue to work hard each and every day to keep his musical journey moving forward.

Brooklyn based "art student turned rapper " EsZ aka E crookedletter Z, delivers an introspective view on his album Found Lost. Sharing personal stories and relevant themes by delivering a symphony of clever wordplay, versatile flows and distinctive production illustrating a sort of  "woke up in a dream" vibe that is able to connect and resonate with a wide audience.

  Occasionally coloring outside the box with singles like 'E crooked letter Z', his first single for 2020 '(Get Busy) but a Dream' provides an example of his witty story-ish lyrics with a natural chill delivery on one of his more commercial beats showing this Hip-Hop artist's diversity.

"It's like reading a story or having a dream, the beat is the setting, and I'm in there just self narrating through it... vibing or whatever" - EsZ

He is working alongside Grammy winning mixing engineer Mikaelin 'Blue' Bluespruce on more upcoming projects aswell as creating visuals with his brand Erron's Attic.

* side note: He likes soggy cereal and hot sauce on his waffles

~ J.M

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